Tired Starfish


This little star fish is tired. The salt stains him and the rolling, pounding onslaught of waves, rocks and sand just doesn’t suit his disposition. Will you be the one to dry this starfish out?


Pride-less Parrot


This sad little guy has never had any friends. Except for a brief MDMA-induced trip to Seychelles, he’spent the majority of his ceramic existence perched atop this ceramic stump in Capitol Hill, Denver waiting for his owners to turn off the stereo long enough to remember what life was like before the never-ending deep house music began. Will you the one that brings his sing back?

Ugly Like a Wolf


This poor wolf used to have a beautiful coat of grey and silver paint. He felt as real as any ceramic wolf can. And then he was adopted from local thrift store by suburban house wife who realized her true passion in life was ceramic animal repainting. Over thirty ceramic animals were rescued from the woman’s compound before she was exterminated, including this little guy. Will you be the one to help him get his howl back?