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Poodles Say, “Help Us!”


These poor poodles used to have a loving family.  Jim and Tim were such good dads.  But after both men lost difficult battles with Hepatitis C, these perky poodles are without a home.  Won’t you sign your name to assist these pooches?  Just enough ink to commit is all they need.

People At School Called Him E-laugh-ant

ImageThis poor little pachyderm earned the nickname “E-laugh-ant” at school because all the other “real” animals picked on him for his hard outer shell, static google-y eyes, chipping pink paint job, disproportionately small trunk and “made by a first grader” whimsy.  All he ever wanted was a friend, someone to laugh with and not be laughed at.  But you can crack a joke with him, without cracking his moderately spherical body.  Look into those eyes and try to say no.

Colby Needs Turtle


The A.S.P.C.C.A. can count numerous celebrity endorsements with all our intricately crafted ceramic paws, including Celine Dion, Martha Stewart, Beyonce, Beyonce’s Ceramic Kitten and Erin Brockavich.  A.S.P.C.C.A celebrity porn star spokesperson, Colby Keller rescued this tiny turtle and gave it a loving home.  He says of the turtle, “I’m inspired to be more social because I love my turtle and he NEVER goes back into his shell.”  Loving ceramic animals can make you a better person too.  Won’t you please help?

A Gecko Without Assurance


This little guy may look tough, but on the inside he’s crying really sad tears.  Unlike other Geckos, he’s got no insurance company banking his extravagant lifestyle, and no assurance that some kind-hearted person like you will give him a safe and happy home.  Be the one to make a difference.